No GPS Lock for Vehicle

So I’m pretty new to all this, I’m using the pixhawk cube and on Qgroundcontrol have the no GPS lock for vehicle on my screen. I’m not using a GPS module but I have connected the safety switch in and it just consistently blinks red. I believe it should be blue if I’m not mistaken. I can’t get the motors to arm because of this. Does anyone know a fix for this, or what am I doing wrong.

Do you maybe have COM_ARM_WO_GPS set to 0?

If not, you would need to share a log if you need more help:

  1. go to the MAVLink shell in QGC
  2. write logger on
  3. wait for 20s and try to arm
  4. write logger off
  5. download the log from QGC or from the SD card
  6. upload it to
  7. share the link here