Future user of PixHawk

Hello, I am a future user of Pixhawk however I have a few questions before I start:
On QGControl it is possible to select a generic type of Quadcopter but does it take into account a drone with a 2 meters wingspan, 8 kg and able to lift 20 kilos?
I would also like to know the differences between the PixHawk 3 Pro and the Pixhawk 4 please?
Thank you in advance for your answers.

Hi Leo,

I have experience flying with 10Kg quads with Pixhawk 2.1. As far as I know, you don’t have any parameter to define the weight.

You will need to set-up accelerations, speed, PIDs,… according to your frame.

I can’t help you with the Pixhawk 3 and 4 difference, buy I think that you can find a lot of in information in youtube and google.

Thank you for your answer, I will continue to learn more about both but I can’t find a real comparison for the moment that will allow me to make my choice.

Pixhawk3 Pro: https://docs.px4.io/master/en/flight_controller/pixhawk3_pro.html
Pixhawk4: https://docs.px4.io/master/en/flight_controller/pixhawk4.html

Both are viable options and supported by PX4, the Pixhawk4 is a bit more recent and has an F7 processor (vs F4).

Hi leo
According to my maths 20 kg is too heavy for 2 wing span .
You need redesign your drone also decided you want make quadcopter or fixed and design it according.
Make sure your range and endurance match to your requirements.
Pix hawk 3 and pixhawk has some change which have been mentioned in below comment but majorly it manufacture as pixhawk is design by holybro which good but it support only 120 amp and have small partly design to save more space in drone where as pixhawk 3 is big signal unit …howevere both support PX4 …also like tell there is new flight control launch by holybro Durandel which also good and latest version…i hope this info we will solve your problems…let know anything else

I think I misspoke about the characteristics of my drone, I correct myself: this quadrirotor weighs about ten kilos but must be able to lift 15 kilos, according to national standards. The objective is to make it go back and forth between 2 points in a completely autonomous way.
I already have a functional version of this UAV with DJI’s A3 AG flight controller, but unfortunately I find myself blocked by the manufacturer’s limitations… Do you now think it would be possible to equip this drone with a Pixhawk 3 or 4 ?
Thank you very much for your answers !

Hi @leochams ,

Yes, this will absolutely work, I flew all kinds of drones with PX4 (up to 30kg) and I don’t see why it wouldn’t work on yours. The choice of the hardware is up to you (Pixhawk3, 4, Skynode, Durandal, …) and mainly depends on your budget and requirements, but they will all be able to control your drone.

Don’t forget to share your progress (pictures or videos!),
Good luck