Pixhawk 2 vs Pixhawk 4, which one is better?

Hello everyone !
I wanted to buy a Pixhawk for my project. I was wondering which version of Pixhawk should I buy. I am aware of the fact that Pixhawk 2 has an extra imu. Apart from that both are almost same. I was just concerned about the documentation. According to the link
https://blog.dronetrest.com/pixhawk-4-announced/ Pixhawk 4 is a good option.
Cost is not a problem for me. I just want to know which one is better. I will like to receive some guidance regarding this.
Thank you for your time !


Both are great. You will have better support on ArduPilot on the cube (pixhawk 2.1) and better support on PX4 on the pixhawk4
On strong point, the cube will be easier to integrate if you know how to design PCB.

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Good day,
there is difference be pixhawk 2.1 cube and pixhawk 4, the first difference is the stm32 arm processor and aside this also the hardware mounted on the board.
It depend on the use you must do and also the size of the drone.

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You should look into the needs of your application and define your hardware and software requirements, both are based on the FMU spec authored by Lorenz Meier (author of PX4, QGC and MAVLink).

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Thank you @rroche, @Dave84 and @khancyr ! I am working on a quadcopter which will perform certain action based on the force it senses via force sensors. I will be using DJI Flamewheel F450 for the project. The payload capacity is approximately 1.2 kg. I will be using a companion computer too (Probably odroid). I jotted down these two options and was unable to make decision of choosing one based on the specs. Both options should work for my project, but was just wondering which one will be a good choice.

in my opinion better you choose pixhawk 4.
Here the link of the specs: https://docs.px4.io/en/flight_controller/pixhawk4.html

Thanks much @Dave84 ! Will mostly choose Pixhawk 4 :slight_smile:

You have done a good choice…

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Thanks :slight_smile: