Very heavy drones

Can a Pixhawk/Ardupilot system handle a 300 lb fixed-wing/VTOL drone using 4 8.5kw motors?

For advice regarding ArduPilot, best to ask at

OK, thanks. But does it not matter to Pixhawk what the size of the motors are? Is that all handled by another power controller?

It doesn’t matter to Pixhawk (hardware) but it does matter to the flight stack (PX4 or ArduPilot), as the ability to stabilise and control is effected by how fast the prop can speed up and slow down. If you’re using ArduPilot, it’s better to ask on their forum.

Thanks much. I’ll contact them. However, I plan on using a constant speed rotor for the large diameter main lift rotors. Control effectors will be trail flaps on the rotor blades.