Will there be very light weight Pixhawks?

My question concerns small Pixhawk controllers. What are the plans for a Pixhawk module that can be installed on very small drones? I’m thinking about drones the size of the Blade Nano QX by Horizon Hobby with a flying weight of 18 gm. There are many applications for drones weighing under .55 pounds, but the currently available controllers are too heavy. There is a need for a light weight unit.


Hi Joseph,

I don’t know what others have planned but here at mRobotics, we working on a new micro STM32F7 based flight controller which is only 20mm x 32mm. Hope to announce before Q2 2019.


@Joseph_Marrone You can flash PX4 on to a whoop size drone as the BetaFPV 75X. This is the flight controller: https://betafpv.com/collections/flight-controller-1/products/f4-2s-brushless-flight-controller-and-esc