FrSky Telemetry on PixFalcon: How?! Is it possible?!

I have a PixFalcon flight controller and a FrSky D4R-II receiver. I’d like to send FrSky telemetry to my Taranis X9D transmitter.

With an original PixHawk–as far as I can tell (I don’t have one)–I’d use the TELEM 2 port with the SYS_COMPANION parameter set to FrSky Telemetry, and I would also need a conversion cable from Craft & Theory.

The PixFalcon, though, has no TELEM2 port. It has only a single telemetry port. Is it possible to get this one telemetry port to talk to the FrSky receiver? Any help is appreciated!

(I wish I’d known about PixRacer before I bought PixFalcon! I understand it’s plug-and-play!)

We haven’t looked into that autopilot and FrSky telemetry yet, but we can certainly add support. You might want to file a Github issue for it.

Is that an implicit confirmation that it’s currently not possible, Lorenz? I still haven’t ruled out the idea that I’ve just overlooked something.