Free Beer for Volunteer - Mentor Request for Pixhawk VTOL setup and troubleshooting

Hi All!

I’m new to the forum and the larger drone community. I recently purchased a Pixhawk PX4 2.4.8 kit, and plan to build a VTOL drone so I can fly my uncle a bottle of Blatz beer. I’m stuck getting the drone calibrated properly because I’ve run into this issue (Detected 0 radio channels. To operate PX4, you need at least 5 channels - #4 by Sparky002) where my radios aren’t being detected by QGroundControl. I’ve tried the troubleshooting steps from that topic, but to no avail. I’m doing the setup from a Mac, so I’m following the instructions here (Ground Control on a Mac - Ground Control Software - ArduPilot Discourse) to complete the setup.

Since I’ve gotten stuck many times throughout the setup steps, I’m looking for a mentor who 1) can help me usher my project through the finish line and 2) likes beer. I’m a software developer and Madison, Wisconsin resident and we’ve got some seriously good beer with your name on it.

Any takers?

Sincere thanks in advance for your consideration,

  • What receiver/radio system are you using? I prefer SBUS capable and find it the most reliable and consistent compatibility.
  • I like to start with no peripherals. In QGC parameters, change the following:
    • CBRK_IO_SAFETY = 22027
    • CBRK_USB_CHK = 197848
    • CBRK_SUPPLY_CHK = 894281

Good luck.

I’m using an FPV Radio Telemetry Air Module and an FPV Radio Telemetry Ground Module. They came in a kit on Amazon. The Air Module unit is plugged into one of the Pixhawk’s telemetry ports; it flashes both green and red lights every quarter second or so.

I adjusted the 3 parameters you referenced in QGC, but, unfortunately, to no avail.

Any other ideas?

What you referred there is the telemetry system. You need to have a transmitter/receiver system to control the aircraft, i.e. FrSky, Spektrum, Futaba, Flysky, etc… It’s looking for an SBUS receiver input in the RC IN port of the Pixhawk. Please read through this link.

Good luck.