FPV Camera tilt function

Cleanflight/Betaflight has an option to turn on a tilt function that allows a servo operated FPV camera to compensate for high angle attack flight. Is this available in QGC/PX4? If so, how is it activated. I don’t see anything it parameters

I haven’t used any gimbal control capabilities in PX4 yet. Hopefully someone else will comment on that.
But if the camera tilt angle is changing with pitch, wouldn’t that confuse the pilot by eliminating all feedback about the pitch angle?

I haven’t used the function in CF/BF myself but it is shown here by Painless. Just set it at an angle you prefer when level flying and have it compensate for high speed/angle forward flight.

Is the FPV camera tilting in cleanflight changing all the way with pitch, or it is several fixed attack-angle you can adjust during flight?

I agree that will confuse pilot if it changing all the way. But if pilots can have few different angles to select dynamically i think it will be a cool feature. I would love to see PX4 can support this feature.

Of course, this extra gimbal servo adds up the total weight, and pilots may decide if worth it.

It changes proportionally to pitch. Adjust amount of angle to your liking.

@Chargerdude70 I’m current working on implementing Mount support for PX4. In the ONBOARD mode a servo gimbal can be stabilized and controlled via mavlink or rc inputs (such as a headtracker), which would satisfy your need for a stabilized tilt servo fpv gimbal.
I still need to wait for the weather to clean up though, so I can make first tests in the field…


Forgive my ignorance, can you tell me what ROI stands for in that pull request?

@thedevleon, no worries. ROI stands for Region of Interest which is equal to a Point of Interest.
If you are in RC or MAVLINK mode, the gimbal will always point at the set ROI - or can be controlled via RC if there’s none set.


When all is said and done, will the end results be similar to what was shown in the YouTube video I link to in my post above?

@Chargerdude70 Yup, should be pretty much the same :slight_smile:

Well then hey, that’s pretty nifty. Thank you. Hope others get something out of it as well. Will there be documentation on how to make it functional? I myself will have no clue how to make it work. `

@Chargerdude70 of course there will be documentation :smiley: I’m not doing all this work but nobody knows how to use it :smiley: