Gimbal configuration and documentation


I’m trying to make my servo gimbal work.
What I want to achieve is:

  1. Having the PX4 compensate the copter move on Roll and Pitch.
  2. Allow my radio to move Pitch
  3. Allow my radio to trigger the shutter
  4. Allow my radio to trigger the parachute in case of emergency

I found it very difficult to achieve so I have begin to update the documentation with what I understand so far :

For now I have:

  1. only the roll who is compensated but at a lower proportion than the movement.
  2. The pitch do not move.
  3. None of my radio switch has effect.
    For testing I have connected 4 servos to AUX1 to AUX4.
    Running pwm test -c1234 -d /dev/pwm_output1 -p 1800 make all servo move.

Here is my mixer file :

# gimbal roll
M: 1
O:      10000  10000      0 -10000  10000
S: 2 0  -11500  -10000  900 -10000  10000

# gimbal pitch
M: 1
O:      10000  10000      0 -10000  10000
S: 2 1  12000  12000   2000 -10000  10000

M: 1
O:      10000  10000      0 -10000  10000
S: 2 4  10000  10000      0 -10000  10000

M: 1
O:      10000  10000      0 -10000  10000
S: 2 7  10000  10000 0 -10000 10000

Any help will be appreciated and I will update the documentation.

Any progress on gimbal control?

@Mzahana did you see this section of the documentation?
Does vmount cover your desired gimbal usage?

I saw it. To me, it is kind of general, and not a step by step guide. I am not sure where to start exactly. Basically, i need px4 to compensate for roll and pitch movements, so I can get a stable down looking camera.

1- where to start vmount? Is it in extras.txt or in rcS
2- is starting vmount enough, or I have to start a mixer, too?
Where to start the mixer?

It would also be more friendly if it had user interface in QGC, like the one in MissionPlanner.