'force logging' a messgae?

Hi, does anyone know if there is a way to ‘force logging’ a messgae? (edited)
My motivaion is to force logging the sensor_selection msg, to be sure which is selected on start up. On regular oporation this message is not being sent so If you hasnt catch it you lost it (edited)

To be more clear:
if some message (lets say ‘sensor_selection’) is a message that not being sent a lot. when you start logging you are not going to have log of this message until the next time it will be sent (if it will at all). ‘sensor_selection’ is not going to be sent any more usually, because there is usually no “swiching” of sensors.

An option is when logger is started, to log all the last messages instatns.

I’d hope that @bkueng can answer this.

This is not how it works now, if you start logging you will get the last publication. This recently changed.

@bkueng Thanks for the answer