Logging: Is every TrajectorySetpoint msg logged?


I have a question about logging: Is every TrajectorySetpoint-Message, which is published to “/fmu/in/trajectory_setpoint” shown in the ulog-file after SITL? Because Im missing a lot of messages there. I publish from ROS2 with 50 Hz but I only see approx 10 Hz Rate in the ulog-files. I tried to increase the logging level by setting SD_LOGPROFILE to 2047. But this didnt change anything in the number of shown trajectorySetpoint Messages. Or could it be something with UXRCE? I tried to play around with the ROS2-QoS-Settings but it dint help.
Thanks for help,

The rate for each topic to be logged are defined here (e.g. trjajectory_setpoint):

There, the value of 200 means that it will limit the logging rate at interval of 200 ms (equaling 5 Hz). If you want to log every message possible, you can remove that constraint and simply do:


Hi @junwoo0914,
Thanks alot, it works perfectly now :slight_smile: