Follow Me mode for Fixedwing has no function

I was doing some flight testing today and wanted to test out follow me mode. Not sure what exactly goes on in the autopilot when it is activated, but the plane locks itself in it’s current attitude and holds it, with no perceivable inputs being given. This could lead to fly-aways and crashes if inadvertently activated.

  1. Is Follow Me mode supposed to function with Fixedwing aircraft?

  2. Are there plans of implementing a Fixedwing style Follow mode?

The majority of the follow me feature is implemented in navigator, which makes it vehicle agnostic. The small missing piece is support for the follow position setpoint in the position controller. It’s implemented for MC, but not FW. If someone actually wanted it for FW it wouldn’t be hard to get a basic version working.

For now I’ll update the state machine to not allow entering follow for FW and hide the option in QGC.

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