Lack of Fixedwing documentation: for OFFBOARD control

I am trying to use MAVROS to control a fixed wing based on the px4 flight stack

However, as fixed wing (obviously) does not support all the mavlink commands compared to multirotors, I believe there should be a clear differentiation of the two systems.

I cannot flind any documentations of the px4 flight stack when flying fixed wing which mavlink messages are available or not.

If anyone has experience in implementing such OFFBOARD control on a fixedwing, any guidance for materials will be helpful

I am trying to do the same but without MAVROS. I can set OFFBOARD mode for fw but can’t set any points after that. Looking at the fw_pos_control, it doesn’t look like it is implemented.

Also looking for any guidance and help.

It would have to be implemented for FW, although depending on which offboard control modes you’d like to use it may be relatively easy to add.

Do you mean altctrl, posctrl or auto in offboard? I would like to go between 2 points at a specific velocity. Which offboard mode is suitable in this case I am not sure.