Flying with USB


i’m planning to use px4 connected to RPI in the flight. How can i avoid “ARMING DENIED: Flying with USB is not safe” error?

You can disable the usb check in the circuit breaker menu on qgc


thanks, garlinplus, it works

There is only one option to resolve the problem, that what I know , disable the USB and change the settings, and then enable it, and save it, look that it is properly working or not, if you did it in the enable time, it may be crashed, that’s why, if you need any more support, you may check on Canon printer technical support

If you want to use the Raspberry Pi as a companion computer, you should connect it through the TELEM2 port, not the usb-port.

Look here for reference

Hi Jaeyoung,

Is there any problem with using USB port for communication?

Use usb is fine, check here:

@Abhishek_Aggarwal If you are talking about the usb port on the pixhawk side, it is not recommended.

A failsafe will prevent you from arming with the USB plugged in.

It’s prevent your drone connecting with PC or laptop.

Sorry, would you please make clear where is the circuit breaker menu on QGC? i am not sure which panel you are talking about?

I think what you said makes sort of sense, but when I did the following:

another issue like: dronekit.APIException: Timeout in initializing connection.
do you have any idea for this problem?
Any response would be so appreciated!