Drone fails to arm without connecting to QGC

Hello guys,
I have built and configured my first drone, it should be ready to fly. However, I can only arm the drone if it’s connected to QGC using micro-usb cable, if I try to arm without connecting to QGC the Pixhawk blinks in red which indicates an error.

What should I do to fly the drone without connecting to QGC first?

Any help is appreciated!

Do you have a SiK radio, so that you get some telemetry and information of what is going on? Otherwise it’s hard to know what the problem is.

Thanks for your reply Julian.

I finally fixed the problem, which was caused by the COM_POWER_COUNT parameter, the autopilot was checking that I have two power supplies at least (usb and battery in my case) so when I unplug the usb it fails pre-flight checks. I just disabled this check and everything is fine now.


Thanks a lot Setting the value of COM_POWER_COUNT to ‘0’ solved the issue. Now, the motors are armed without USB but is this ok to set the value to zero? Will it not have any side-effects?