Flying-wing mixing for tighter stabilized turns

The generic, fixed-wing attitude controller and flying-wing mixer produce super-lazy turns in Stabilized mode. Even when I bump up the limits for roll and pitch, the radius of the ground track is still pretty huge…like, so huge that one begins to consider ditching rather than waiting for the thing to come back.

Meanwhile, in Acro mode I could probably turn inside a phone booth with the same vehicle. :slight_smile:

Has anyone else noticed this? (The part about the lazy turns in Stab mode, I mean.)

Despite the title, I don’t know if what I’m seeing is a “problem” per se. And, I definitely can’t say if it’s the mixer that needs tweaking, or the attitude controller, both, or something else altogether…

Please share a log file. It’s certainly not a mixer limitation but a setup or tuning issue.