Flir Vue Pro Geotag TX with no RX


Im connecting my pixhawk 2.1 cube to my flir vue pro via mavlink over the serial2 port to geotag the pictures. The Flir has a RX and TX port, so I use that to connect to the Pix.

Using both cables, the geotag works just fine, buy I need to use just one cable, the TX from the pix to the RX from the flir. If I connect just that cable, it seems to be the serial port on Pixhwak doesnt starts, so the Flir cant geotag the pictures.

So, there is any way I can just use the TX from a serial port without connect the RX? thanks!

Why do you want to use one cable? It seems to me that you’re making life harder than it should be :smile:

ahahah, yes its true, but Im building a Gimbal to carry on a FLir vue and a RGB 30X, and I have a 10pin connector, and al the pins are taken…