How to apply Flir duo R to pixhawk

I want to apply flir duo r to pixhawk.
I want to take pictures like a normal camera.
I read the manual and saw it supports PWM and mavlink.

I have to use either method, and I want to know how to apply it.

Actually, I tried the manual, but no picture was taken.

I would like to know how to take a picture of the Flir duo R via GCS or remote controller.

For the PWM part, to my experience, if you want to let Flir shot using PWM signal, only “one pulse” is not enough. You have to send a sequence of PWM signal with the specific pulse width until the Flir recognizes it as a shot command. Usually this takes 0.5 to 1 sec.

Thank you very much for the answer.
I had a really hard time finding information about this.
Did you succeed in triggering the shutter with pwm signal?

How should this be wired and how should it be set?

My experience is on FLIR Vue Pro and yes, I’m able to shot it using PWM signal. You can find the detail information about the PWM signal it need from their documents, and probably you also need to change the setting of Flir camera from their APP, the one that can configure the camera through bluetooth. I’m not sure if the FLIR Vue shares the same setting with Duo R so maybe you need to find the right document for your camera.

Thank you for answer.
My Flir is Duo R.
I looked up the manual for this but it doesn’t work.
So I need help.
If possible, can you tell me how you connected your line?

  • If you changed the settings, I’m also curious about the settings.

In my case, I need to download an APP called FLIR UAS 2 and connect the camera with my photo through bluetooth. Then in the setting page, I can choose the function for each PWM pin, in my case I use the PWM 3 as the Record Start/Stop function. I also need to bind a PWM “state” to an action. In the Record Start/Stop case, I use “HIGH” state for start the Record and “LOW” state for stop Record. According to the document, a 1ms/20ms PWM signal means “LOW” state and 2ms/20ms means “HIGH” state. So after that simply connect the PWM 3 pin with my PWM generator pin and generate a sequency of “HIGH” state for start the shot and then generate another sequency of “LOW” state for stop the shot.
Pay attention the the stop the record action. Even though the camera will shot as soon as it recognize the HIGH state, you still need to send the LOW state to the camera to reset its state, otherwise it will not response to your next HIGH state command.

On my Flir Duo R’s USB, there are 4 lines.
Where can I connect this?
pixhawk aux?
teleme2? Or is it a direct bite to the receiver?

I’m not sure what the USB is used for in Flir Duo R. In my FLIR Vue Pro case, the USB cable is only used for video and Image transmitting. There is another 7-pin port which is used for PWM control. In your case, I think you have to read the documentation for which port is used for PWM signal.

long time no see.
Thank you.
I solved the problem.
This is a USB 10pin.
But this was still working with 5pin.
It used bench cable and it worked normally.

Nice, glad to know that you solve it :smile: