FlightController vibration damping - cable wire damping

I am currently trying to optimize the vibration damping of the flight controller in order to get cm position accuracy using vision and LPE. Although damping with foam gives quite good results (if you use the right foam), the overall mechanical setup does not seem to be optimal. As the damping should have the same spring constant in all axis, it would be great if I could use a cable wire damping. But as far as I know, commercially available cable wire springs are designed for loads from 100g upwards. Does anyone know a source for cable wire springs for loads of 10 - 30g? Any experience with that kind of damping?

Example: http://www.willbrandt.com/willbrandt/img/images/schwingungstechnik/s_cavoflex.jpg

I expect that technique is not effective at such low weights, but why isolate only the FC? It should be easy to design a frame with a vibration-isolated section weighing > 100g.

Thanks for your answer, damping the whole frame is not so easy if varying loads are required. I did some experiments doing so already. So I turned back to isolate the FC itself. My setup currently achieves less than 0.1g noise during flight in all axes including torsion.

I’ m very impressed. Could you elaborate how you archived this?

Basically I followed that approach: http://imgur.com/bgzBepz. But instead of using a plastic base for the FC, I used an aluminum based one and instead of using those rubber dampers, I used foam sticks. It took quite a time to figure out the right foam and the right angle for pre-tension of the foam:

In flight results (at altitude hold, I have chosen a frame, where the vehicle was hardly moving ) is like this:

Still I am looking for some cable-wired springs to achieve a more stable mechanical solution.

Which version of the firmware, and which FC is that? Also, can you post the raw log file (.px4log or .ulg) for independent analysis?