How much vibration is allowed and how to mitigate?

Hi guys,

I am just wondering if you guys can help me to understand how much vibration is considered normal for a quadcopter and how to mitigate. I am really confused with this matter because my first flight was terrible, I could see the quadcopter shaking really bad so I decided to change the props and I also put some Anti-Vibration Silicone Damping Ball under the Pixracer and changed the Airframe setup from Generic Quadrotor x to Team Blacksheep Discovery

After all these changes the quadcopter seems to be more stable as you can see in the video below, although the logs show me that the vibration is higher with this new setup.

Please guys let me know if you can give any insight on this matter, I posted the logs below and some images.

First log with old props and no Anti-Vibration Silicone Damping Ball

Second log, flighting easy without pushing the throttle

Third log , pushing the throttle

Fourth log, I did some balance in the propellers

Hovering after the changes.

Anti-Vibration Silicone Damping Ball

Don’t tuck in those wires from the receiver. This can cancel out any benefit from the balls. Instead, form the cable bundle into a loop, and make sure nothing else is touching the flight controller. As for how much vibration is to much, it is difficult to say. Some positions on the aircraft will resonate so it’s good to try various mounting positions if possible.

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@RonildoBragaJunior Do you have conclusions? does vibration of about 1g consider too much?

Honestly I have no idea but the drone seems to be flying pretty good still :pray: