Flash issues : OK with arducopter, bug with px4


I’m working with a HK PX4. During some modification of the firmware (changing the adress of the airspeed sensor), I end up with a build that made my flight controller unable to start up (no main LED on).

Now, I can’t even upload the official px4 build, neither from QGroundControl or make px4fmu-v2_default upload

But, I can upload the arducopter firmware with QGroundControl (sometimes the upload stop at a random %, but it finally, randomly, finishes the process and arducopter is responding).

I’m suspecting some residual px4 files blocking an upload. With arducopter, I’m able to access the device root via Mavproxy nsh.

Should I remove some files via nsh in order to make a px4 upload work again ? If yes, which files/directory should I delete ?

I’m giving you screenshots of my main directories :

Many thanks for your help, and have a nice day !

Main directories from the PX4 non working Board with working Arducopter :

root :

I also have a working PixHawk Mini, I can publish the main directories of it if that can help.

Once again, many thanks !