Flaps Fully Deploying on Arm

I am finalizing a V tail build but have been having a strange issue with my flaps deploying fully as soon as I arm. It makes no difference what mode I am in, all do it. Though I still have some control of them once they deploy, their movement is limited to between 100% and about 50% fully deployed even with my switch telling them to be fully retracted. So, I can never get them to fully retract.

PX4 is showing them as having full normal range of motion in their trim / range.

I am running latest release PX4 on a Holybo Pixhawk 4. I have completely blasted away all settings, trying both the V Tail and A Tail presets hoping a strange mix was just part of one of the mixer configs. No luck.

I have read a few posts about reversing the RX and Pixhawk , but it did not help.

I can confirm that the flap servos, when hooked up to a tester, have completely normal range of motion. If I reverse the Flap direction in the param the flaps will deploy up. So, the servos have full range of motion, something is telling them not to use it.

What is going on here?

Any help would be appreciated.