Flaps Will Only Go Up Halfway

Going through transmitter setup. Originally, flaps were on the slider switch and was working fine in full range. I decided to change it to a 3-position switch and all of a sudden from full flaps with the switch all the way up, flaps will only go halfway up. I switched the channel back to the slider and now is also the same, only goes up halfway.

Also noticed that the log file name has UnknownDate. What caused this?

Not sure which log would show the discrepancy so I uploaded both.

Any thoughts on where to look is highly appreciated.



It looks like it only does it when PWM_MAIN_REV7 = 0 because if 1, it works full range but I have to reverse the Tx channel. Could this be a bug? @sfuhrer @dagar Any thoughts?


Yes there seems to be an issue on the mixer level - where I don’t really know the way around well. Could you maybe try flashing latest master on it to see if it’s there still broken? https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/issues/14743 could be related.