Tricopter tail issues using pixfalcon and px4

I am having trouble finding anything relating to my issue so I am going to attempt as best I can to describe it all here and see if anyone has any advise.

I have mounted a Pixfalcon from hobby king on a Quantum Trifecta frame. I have attached and bound a Spectrum Satellite to an Orange tx module on my FrSky Taranis. I calibrated the transmitter through Qgroundcontrol and have set a switch for flight modes. I connected the motors to outputs 1 (front right),2 (front left),and 4 (tail motor) and the tail servo to channel 7, then soldiered the power and ground wires from the servo to the bec wires for the tail motor esc.

Everything is calibrated and appears to be good to go but when i push the safety button on the pixfalcon the tail motor goes to full speed without being armed. If, while the tail motor is spinning close to full throttle, I arm the board by going right yaw with throttle down, the two front motors start spinning and seem to respond to pitch and roll commands but the tail servo and tail motor are totally unresponsive.

I checked the servo with a servo centering module and it works just fine but won’t take commands from the board. I am not sure what I could be missing so any advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks

I had some luck. It looks like I was looking at an older configuration schematic and saw one that looked more recent stating to use motor 1 with output 1, motor 2 on output 2, motor3 on output 3, and the yaw servo on output 4. The motors now behaves as they should but the yaw servo does not recenter when no stick input is entered. It seems to come back part way but doesn’t snap back like the radio stick does.

Sorry for my amateur post. I guess step one is to ensure the set up you’re following is correct for the version of the software you are using.