Faulty landing

The issue was the flight was located at high altitude landing set point, and hence I could not land it as required. Corresponding parameters and logs are shared below. I would request anyone to explain the reasons and suggest me how to solve the issue.

Log: https://review.px4.io/plot_app?log=918b876d-9a41-48ab-8ff9-fec84fbdd320.
Landing parameters:

Thank you.

What exactly was the issue? What happend during landing?

Only thing I can see in the log is your UAV’s output 3 went 100% during the entire mission mode flight, so if there was any problems during the mission mode it is most likely because you reached the limits on your UAV.

In auto-landing the speed of aircraft was about 18-20 m/s and its altitude is more than 4m on the landing ground.
It was expected to land at lower speeds and the altitude nearer to ground.
How to maintain the required speed and altitude for the aircraft during landing, without any unwanted effect on its heading?

I don’t have a lot of experience with fixed wing, mainly used multicopters. But from what I can see most of the log is flown in stabilised mode, so I’m assuming that doesn’t have any automated landing and you are flying it manually?

I am giving landing as a part of the mission. But the vehicle is not following the mission when it was landing. Can you explain reason to this?

I’m guessing the Airspeed sensor failure is the reason for it switching out of mission mode. Otherwise, you might accidentally have hit the manual switch to change it.

It was intentionally taken out of mission mode as it was very higher altitude compared to that of the set altitude for successful landing.

Thank you.

hi there,

Can anyone help me in figuring out the reasons for faulty landing in mission mode with regards to the logs and parameters posted above?

@ryanjaa, @kjkinney, @skelton, @almaaro, @tstastny, @antiheavy

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Sree Mayur.

Please swap the airspeed sensor tubes, they’re inverted, resulting in a negative airspeed measurement.

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Sure sfuhrer. Can you explain how it would result in faulty landing?

Not sure about the exact explanation, but could you try giving another go with the airspeed sensor correctly set up? That would be a faster way to verify if the problem is solved :crossed_fingers:

Thank you, junwoo0914 for your suggestion. I will try and get back to you.