Deviation of vehicle from path while landing

Hi there,

I seek help in figuring out why fixed wing UAV is deviating to right from its set path while landing when using pixhawk 6C with px4 v1.13.1. Can anyone help me?

Thank you,
Sree Mayur.

You need to upload the flight log before anyone has a chance to tell you what is wrong.

Sure, thank you.
Please find in the snapshot, the path of the flight deviating towards the end of the landing.

Same as in your other thread, we need the entire flight log.

Thank you Mr_Madsen for your response.
Please find the corresponding log attached.

Please help me in solving the deviation of flight during auto-land.

Thank you,
Sree Mayur.

Your vehicle is very tailheavy, look at but much elevator deflection it needed to fly level

Then I think you should have another look at your TECS tuning, it is unstable:

Did you follow Advanced Fixed-wing Position Tuning | PX4 User Guide?

I think in the end it stalled. Certainly has to do with the unstable TECS tuning, but also consider increasing the min airspeed.

Thank you Silvan Fuhrer for your explanations and suggestions. I will get back to you.