Fixed Wing Mission Land Failed

Hi there,

Here is the story. My fixed wing model completed its mission and entered the landing sequence. It did everything perfect except the touchdown. It approached the landing zone but it passed it by flying a meter above the ground and continued flying about 300 meter at same altitude. Then I had to stop it personally.

I am asking this question because my PX4 did not log the flight and I figured not logging after accident. So I need opinions to figure out the problem.

By the way I did a hand launch while the parameter was at runway takeoff.

Thanks for helping.

Hi there,

I figured it out. I launch it from high ground and did not disable “Altitudes relative to home” box at landing waypoint settings.

However, I have another question now. When I deselect the box it returns to AMSL and even then it is not allowing to land below the launch position. Is there any possible way to land below launch position with relative altitude data?