SITL doesn't switch to OFFBOARD

Hi guys,

After days of testing and searching, I couldn’t find the solution of my problem. Basically I’m trying to write a VERY simple takeoff script to get familiar with MAVROS and other concepts.
My problem is that everytime I try switch the flight mode to OFFBOARD I got this message: “FCU: Failsafe enabled: no RC and no offboard”.
I’ve read the documentation and follow this tutorial:
Few things that I did. and you should know.

  • I’m publishing points (100) before switching to OFFBOARD mode.
  • I’ve changed the rate from 10 to 20 (even tried with 30)
  • I tried to publish both local_position/local and global_position/global.
  • QGroundControl is open, otherwise I would have a “datalink missing” error.
  • Also the header.stamp is corrected set.
  • tried to switch to OFFBOARD via QGroundcontrol, didn’t work
  • Tried to switch via command line, didn’t work (make sens if you have to publish a point within 0.5 sec)

The code flow: change the rate -> publish 100 points -> change mode to offboard -> arm -> publish again.
It get the failsafe error and RTL mode is being enabled.

Thanks for reading.

@huhu1030 You need to be continuously streaming the setpoints to px4 within the time out. If the stream stops, you are unable to switch to offboard mode.

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Can’t believe it was that stupid. I didn’t see the loop on the example code.
Thank you very much @Jaeyoung-Lim !