F450 rotating even before take off

Newly built F450 is rotating on the ground once the motors spool up. Even after take-off, it keeps rotating in an anti-clockwise direction. Initially had the compass and FC at 180 degrees but that has been corrected. FC has been re calibrated several times, reflashed and calibrated again but problems are not going away. Any ideas?

Are the motors spinning in the correct direction cw/ccw? Connected to the correct pads on the pdb?

The motors are spinning as per the diagram on the ardupilot page. The copter can take of and stay level…but it just keep spinning in the clockwise direction either on the ground or after take off.

Do you get same behaviour in HITL with jMavsim? Maybe you can try this to rule out fmu config and prop problems? If it is your transmitter then I expect the simulator to do the same…

if you have a gps, you can try to takeoff automonously without RC by writing: commander takeoff in mav console to make sure your problem doesnt come from your transmitter. if you have telemetry, you can also check the value of your stick in qground to make sure there is not an offset.

Hi. I had similar experiences with bank and pitch angle.It turned out that the command from RC were not centered after RC calibration.
I temporary fixed it with RC trim . Will have to adjust parameters manually.