Counterclockwise rotation on Z axis

Hi all,

I’m trying to set up my drone based on PX4 on a DJI F450 but I’m still experiencing a counterclockwise rotation. It is slow but continuous. I already calibrated the sensor many times but I’m always experiencing this behavior. I already tuned the yaw pid component. I tried also the GPS but is always the same.

What can I tune to fix this issue.

Thank you Ale


Generally, the F450 are use with DJI autopilote (NAZA V2).
With the Pixhawk PX4, the motors are an another configuration.

Have you Apply the right airframe reference ?

(Sorry Is not your subject !!)

Thanks Serge. Yes I choice the X Frame. The Fly Controller is oriented with 0°, but it is set back from the center of gravity (2/3 centimeters at most). This can influence the hovering also in position fly mode?

Hello Allessio

I use the Autopilot Pixhawk 4 wich not center. The Autopilot and the GPS must been calibrated together.
The IMUs are inside autopilot (in front) and GPS antena (in rear)
I have been configured and calibrated with QGC.

In “position mode”, le Quadcopter is very stable.