External Navigation for Ardupilot


I would like to provide external navigation to Ardupilot (position, heading, attitude) in “Rover” frame and avoid using internal GNSS/INS?

I found on the docs page that two external Nav devices can be used, but with no information on the data formats or needed messages.

Is there a documentation which outlines how to provide full external navigation via Mavlink or NMEA and needed commands?
thanks in advance

Better to ask about ArduPilot at discuss.ArduPilot.org

After few internet searches I found the way how to fit in the external navigation data into the Ardupilot and avoid using the onboard GNSS/INS.

It is nicely explained here:





in the bottom of the page.

The GPS navigation is sent by using master.mav.gps_input_send

The key to this is to set the ardupilot parameter


which make the default GPS using Mavlink. That makes Ardupilot think this is the right GPS

Turned out ardusub.com was of a great help