Provide PX4 with external navigation solution

I’m running an application where I need to feed the PX4 firmware and the autopilot my own navigation solution, computed from custom IMU processing + EKF on a companion computer. I’m looking for the parameters to set this up properly, however I can only find information about providing an external heading.

Is this possible with the current PX4 firmware? Essentially I want to disable the onboard EKF and IMU processing and simply have the firmware use the solution provided.

I’m running on a Pixhawk2, PX4 v1.7.3.


@jrhaws Look here for information on external position estimation

@Jaeyoung-Lim I had looked at that page, but it seemed to me that the information there was simply if I was providing a position to the internal estimator; however I am doing more than than - I’m providing an entire navigation solution (position, velocity, and attitude + other states if necessary).

I could use this setup to provide my position estimate, which the internal estimator would then use as described, however that seems like the wrong way to go about it (layering EKF on top of another EKF).

Am I missing something? Or is this the only supported method?


Bump - any more details on this topic?

@jrhaws One work around I can think of is providing your estimate as a vision estimate. Vision estimates can be provided using mavros_extras