How does PX4 communicate with an external mission computer or INAV?

Hello, my goal is to facilitate data exchange between PX4 and a mission computer (MC). To give a simple example, PX4 should continuously broadcast a “system running” message to the MC, and at the same time, the MC should respond back to PX4 with an “OK” message. How can I achieve this? Can I send and receive data in a specific format on PX4?

My goal is to write a package on PX4 and transfer selected information from the system to the MC. At the same time, I want to send some information from the MC to PX4.

Short answer - Mavlink
Longer answer - Drone Apps & APIs | PX4 Guide (main)
Annoying answer - RTFM

You’re not inventing the wheel here, use a bit of Google and read through documentation and you’ll get it going.

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