Error? Solid Orange B/E Light for I/O

My pixhawk4 has a solid orange B/E light for IO. What does this mean? How do I fix it?

From what I understand this means there’s an error with the application. I have done what I can to try and reset the board to defaults to fix whatever I have done. this includes re-installing the firmware but nothing has changed. I have unplugged everything from the pixhawk4 board and just have it connected by USB to my computer. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Hi grego, can you show as a screenshot of the QGroundControl Summary? Are all the elements configured for flight?


Yes, I do believe everything is set up

Hi grego,

There is a bug in the Firmware when using the helicopter frame “blade130” : [Helicopter Airframe can't be used "Failed to communicate with IO, abort" · Issue #17030 · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub](https://issues 17030).

To test if this really your issue, just choose an other airframe and check orange B/E light for IO.

Since the Issue seems only to concern the mixer file, you can change/replace the blade130 mixer file with a mixer that only uses summing mixers

Hi Bert,

I think this is exactly the problem. I switched air frames and saw the light go away. How would I go about fixing/updating the mixer file? it seems like the second link there does not load for me.

Here the link again, hope it works now:

If you don’t want to modify the existing firmware (with building and so on…), you will need to create a custom mixer on the SD card with the exactly same name as the blade130 mixer you want to replace.
Your custom mixer is due to the bug not allowed to use “Helicopter mixer”, but with a little bit of trigonometry it should be possible to use only “summing mixers”.

Hope this works for you