Costum mixing files do not seem to work after safety button/disabling CBRK_IO_SAFETY

Hello everyone,

In the last week I generated a custom mixing file for a fixed wing airplane. It is somewhat comparable with the Bormatec Maja, but I got some extra features/control surfaces which I wanna control. Thus, I extended the mixing file a little bit. Generally, the mixing file is working exactly how I want it to work. However, when a change the CBRK_IO_SAFETY check (I want to disable this), the Pixhawk 2 only lets me control channel 1 till 5 of the main channels. When I change the CBRK_IO_SAFETY check back to zero, and power cycle the pixhawk it works again. Only when I just reboot the pixhawk via Qgroundcontrol it still doesnt work.

I did some more digging and I could isolate the line of code, which causes the problem. So in the file px4io.cpp on line 866-869 there is a check and the following function is called.


This seems affect my mixing and disable main 6-7-8 channels. I check the status of the channels with the “pwm info” command. So my definition of not working is when the channels shows a pwm of 0 us, while working means anywhere between 1000 and 2000 us (depending on the configuration). I have uploaded to graphs in the attachement, which prove this output.

So my question is: Is this a small mistake in the code? Because in my opinion this should not happen. How can I resolve this problem? Since I kind of want to disable the IO safety. And why does it need a power cycle when changing the parameter back to the default value.

Moreover, I did try increasing the following value:
line 42: #define PX4IO_MAX_MIXER_LENGHT 230
However, this had no success. And the px4io status and pwm info behaviour is exactly the same. Also the mixing file is super simple. Just having a single mixer for a single channel, but I do use every channel (main and aux).

Also when I try and oversimplify the problem by just changing some mapping in the Bormatec Maja, while leaving everything else exactly the same, it still does not work. Right now I am only changing the last three mixers in the AAERTWF mixing file. Basically, adding an extra elevator and a wheel steerring (thus rudder). In principle, the maja airframe uses 8 main channels, thus I should be able to do that too.

If someone needs anymore information regarding this problem feel free to ask.

Any help is much appreciated!

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Oke found the problem myself. The problem is related to this forum issue:

Basically the memory of the IO chip is limited and therefore you cant control 8 main channels separately (Maybe this can be solved in a smart way in the software, but it is also a hardware problem). Quite a limitation in my opinion. You still have the 6 FMU (AUX) ports, which you can use to control the airplane. However, this is not preferred because when the FMU fails these cannot be controller any more. Also I want to use all 14 pwm ports to use the full capability of my airplanes and to maximize my reliability.

FYI, the parameter #define PX4IO_MAX_MIXER_LENGHT only limits the length of a single mixer. So in my case this was not a limiting factor as each individual mixer is relatively simple. Might be nice to update the documentation about the custom mixing a little bit and include limitations like this.

This topic can be closed. Maybe even deleted, but might be nice for people to have a little bit more information about the problem.