EKF baro hgt timeout - reset to baro error and pixhawk don't send yaw signal correctly

Pixhawk 1( FMUv2)
Ublock Neo M8N
Flysky FS-X6b receiver
Flysky FS-i6x transmitter

Logfile -------> https://review.px4.io/plot_app?log=3d15dd7a-08a8-4bb9-a609-7a38db018d6b
Flight video -----> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z8uHmWL6_KEJ8mNRKEliYbZ22ysOk5SL/view?usp=sharing

As you can see from the log file, after some time I take EKF baro hgt timeout error. Also, this error repeated 12 times. At the beginning, there was no problem but when we force to the drone(left-right side movements or yaw movements) after 5-10 seconds we lost the drone’s control and we got an error this called EKF baro hgt timeout - reset to baro error at 08:06 minutes(you can see it from log file).After we got this error the drone immediately high up to the sky even we did throttle level is zero so we lost the drone’s control for a while.When the error stop for a while we could have took down the drone with very bad control. If we check the yaw control from the yaw graphs, yaw control looks working all the flight time but we could not have yaw control during the flight. Even we try to control yaw movements from the controller the drone did not take any reaction.

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Did you ever get an answer to this? I had the exact same thing happen today. Continually reset the baro until we tried to take over but it was already coming down too fast.