Crash of my drone / he fell suddenly


for a reason that I can not explain my drone fell while I was flying quietly for 15 minutes around …

after the take-off I went into altitude mode to be able to make a video, and suddenly it fell brutally (destroyed).

I got the logs but I do not understand why it did it.

below the link to the logs.

at the time of the crash there was this error.

could someone explain to me this violent crash?

Had a similar experience with my Pixhawk on a quad using Radiolonk at9 controller using QGC to do auto takeoff and used controller to change flight mode to land then accidentally flipped the land mode switch off and all quad motors stopped and quad feel the last 20 feet not sure why, or what should have happen,
how do you download the log files and will logs reveal cause

hi tony

it seems to me that the scenario you describe happened to me in the flight preceding the crash.

I lost control at one point and pressed the buttons to change mode by accident, suddenly my drone ended up in the tree at the neighbor’s house …
in my case I was altitude mode for 15 minutes and I have not changed mode during this flight, we see it in the logs.

but I can not find the answer in the logs.

if someone more experienced could watch and tell me what happened …

Your log says you manually triggered the kill switch:

hi hamishwillee,

thank you for interest in my problem.

but I do not think that my crash is due to a manual activation of the kill switch.

I activated the kill switch once my quad was already crashed because even completely exploded the engines were still running, hence the kill switch …

in the screen shot of the logs we see this:
‘EKF baro hg timeout’ - reset to baro

I think the crash is due to this error but have you an idea about this warning, what is it?

Thanks for the reply, in my case I activated my land switch and then deactivated it by mistake
At about 20 ft off the ground and the motors just stop spinning and the quad fell.

What is the process for getting my flight logs from my Pixhawk FC , are they on the SD card


yes the logs are on the sd but you have to activate these in qgroundcontrol before.

no one has an idea of ​​what is this error message?
EKF baro hg timeout’ - reset to baro


You need to fix your hardware setup. The measured magnetic field is experiencing heavy interference. In addition you have high noise reported on your GPS.

This means that the state estimator has experienced a navigation failure and is resetting your height estimate to your primary height source, which in your case is the barometer

Hi CarlOlsson,

in relation to your answer do you have an idea of ​​how I can do to reduce the magnetic field and the interferences of my GPS, what could the disturbing elements be?

and thank you for the clarification on this error message although I am really surprised the result obtained in this case => crash.

could my barometer have a problem in your opinion?