[HELP] Was outside and tested my drone but im getting EKF timeout errors and lose of altitude


Soo when im flying in position mode the first problem is that the drone wont hold it position against the wind, if i use “Return mode” it will hold it position against the wind.

The other problem is when im flying a bit faster the drone drop its altitude in position mode soo i have to switch over to manual mode or i will crash. (3:30) in the flight you will see me change flight mode to position mode and i lose altitude.

I have also made sure i have tighten all the screws as much as i can do. The flight controller itself is mounted on the top of the frame with 3-4 layers of double side tape to reduce vibration.

Do anyone know what the problem is?

Type of drone is a Quanum 680 UC PRO and the PX4.

Motors: DJI E600 motorer

ESC: DJI Opto E600 ESC

Radio: TBS Crossfire 868 mhz EU freq

Flight log: https://logs.px4.io/plot_app?log=de8fe9af-c344-4dec-9f72-e5e4efd70de7