Pix32v6 bad flight behaviour

Hi, I got a problem with my pix32v6. When I launched takeoff drone took off from the ground and immidiatelly started to yaw a little bit, then when it finished takeoff it went into loiter mode and started to do very weird moves in all directions (yaw, pitch and roll) while pilot was not moving sticks and all, after couple seconds drone was flying into a tree and pilot tried to put throtlle at 0 to land a drone, after that drone crashed into the ground and disarmed. At the same time, after takeoff we got a Compass 1 fault and for some reason primary EKF was changed, after couple seconds we got “Accel 1 clipping, not safe to fly”. Also there was a barometer problem, for some reason barometer data was really different compared to gps data, is there a way to solve it?
Here is flight logs: log_4_2024-6-14-12-19-06.ulg - Google Drive

According to the data in the log file, there may be two reasons. The first is poor sensor calibration, and the second is a hardware failure.

Thanks, I also found out that half of my motors was poorly screwed to the frame, one of the motors was almost flying in the air. Can those problems be caused by motor vibrations?