Dshot with AUX on PWM

Is there anyway to setup the FC to work with DShot and still be able to do an RC Passthrough on the AUX ports?

@Ahmed_Elsafy try setting the SYS_CTRL_ALLOC param to true, on PX4 v1.13-alpha with a QGC daily, you will see a full output configuration tab

Let us know how it works

Thanks @rroche, can you guide me please on how to get this version of PX4 v.1.13-alpha ? the latest release on PX4 github is v1.12, that version does not have SYS_CTRL_ALLOC parameter when I check with QGC

Sure thing here’s the docs, what you are looking for is PX4 “master” Loading Firmware | PX4 User Guide

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@rroche thank you again, that gave a full control now on the actuator. I will test with the servos and let you know

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