Dshot protocol on pixhawk cube black

I’m trying to set protocol Dshot on my pixhawk cube black.
after stting SYS_USE_IO=0, DSHOT_CONFIG=1200 and moving the ESCs from the MAIN ports to the AUX ports.
I’m lossing conection with the radio controller (i’m using R-XSR reciver).
error “Detected 0 radio channels. To operate PX4, you need at least 5 channeles”

Good day, do you have see the same results also when the SYS_USE_IO is enable?
Just check the pwm parameters and just in case set the pwm value to aux.
I will try replicate your settings and i will let you know

Hii Dave,
when the SYS_USE_IO parameter is enable it’s work properly and i have no issuse.
I don’t really understand what do u mean by changing the PWM value to AUX.
And thank you for your help!!!

you can take a look in this section about pwm and aux

Just make few tests without props just to test the correct functionality of the system before a full flight, but im pretty sure you don’t need disable the IO co processor

To use DShot without disabling iomcu you have to create a custom mixer file.

correct… you need do it

Hii auturgy and dave.
I’m new at px4.
I will really appreciate it if u can explain me how to do it or if u can give me a custom mixer example for a x quadcopter.

its not easy to explain… better you follow the wiki but don’t forget that you must test it first