Pixhawk 4 hexacopter

Hi guys, hoping you can help.

I have a pixhawk 4 flight controller and pm07 power management board running arducopter firmware. Holybro tekko32 esc’s. 4110 motors

Ive set it up using m1 to m6 on the pm07 pwm out.
I’ve also tried fmu out, no difference with my issue. Which is…

When I increase the throttle too quickly it stutters and nosedives.

Ive changed settings in blheli suite,
motor timing set to 25
Demag compensation set to high
Low rpm set to off

I’ve calibrated my esc’s usin dshot 150 protocol, but im not sure its actually using it.

Does pixhawk 4 support dshot150 on hexacopter?

I am unable to use blheli pass thru to configure my esc’s. But I can access settings through arduino nano interface.

Nothing I do seems to make a difference

Can anyone help?