Where is the code for controling car and boat in px4?

    I'm an newbie for PX4, I have heard that  PX4 can be used to control unmanned car and boat. 

I try to find the code for controling them.But I cann’t find them,
so could you someone tell me where is the code for controlling car and boat in px4 code repository?
Thanks a lot

Right now PX4 is primarily used on multicopters, planes, and hybrid VTOLs. As the majority of the code base is shared between all vehicle types and quite modular it’s fairly easy to extend to new vehicle types.

With a different mixer you can tweak the fixed wing controllers to drive a car. There’s a recent pull request to add better rover support here. https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/pull/7139

My guess is boat support is initially the same. Throttle control and yaw (steering). L1 for waypoint navigation. If you’re interested, and in a position to test, we could add more official boat support with appropriate defaults.

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I’m available to test, in fact I want to do a test with a Rover and eventually with a Boat so I’m really keen for this to happen.

I have my rover setup with Ardurover, but I would much prefer having a PX4, working with two different systems is a bit of headache…

Let me know how to proceed

Great! The ground vehicle support is still basic, but functional. I’ll push to get it in PX4 master right after the v1.6.0 release (soon). We should talk about what features you’re interested in. Right now it’s basically full manual, or full auto. I want to add some autopilot assist modes in between.

Dear dagar
Thank you for your answer.I think px4 is very good. My colleages and me want to use px4 to develop an autonomous mobile robot with four or eight mecanum wheels. Each wheel was driven by pwm, which is generated by stm32F427 or STM32F407 timer. I want to use inertial navigation for my robot,So gyro and accelerometer are needed.GPS is needn’t. Also I know the presion for inertial navigation is not very good and I will pasted some 2-dimensional bar codes on the ground, the sensor of recognizing the bar code can give the exact positon.So this way can improve the presion. I think the mobile robot with four or eight mecanum wheels is similar to quadrotor for they are all driven by 4 pwms. Also the robot is similar to car for they all move on the ground. Recently,I have just learned nuttx, and I want to develop my robot with px4. But I am not familiar with px4.Could you give me some suggestions for my project?

Excellent, Looking forward to the release.
Will OFFBOARD mode be enabled?
What do you mean by full Auto?

Full auto is the Mission mode, the rover follows a set of waypoints given through QGC.

Offboard could be added pretty easily. What type of setpoints do you use?

I’m trying to figure that out, in principle what I would like would be to make the rover compatible with the navigation stack in ROS which uses the standard move_base package, so ideally the rover would respond to /cmd_vel topics and provide /odom ones thru mavros.

However I don’t know if that is something that is already operational or not, or if people use a different technique when using ROS navigation tools with multicopters.

Any updates on px4 support for boats?
I have used it with simulated drones for quite sometime now with MAVROS and ROS, now I am starting a new project with real boats but I am little bit lost, what do I need to change to make it work with boats?
And how do I tweak it to use my specif type of boat?
Are there any tutorials?

Sorry for necrobumping this post