Catamaran Boat - which "Airframe" to choose


I am in a project where we are building catamaran boat. We are planning to make our one modifications in the code. For example to support differential steering and other stuff.

Which idea is better - to pick an air vehicle with lots of sensor support and possibilities and start removing code or use rover frame and add code? Any suggestions?

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I would have a look at the work which is going on for rovers. Most likely that will match closest. I’m pinging @Timothy who is looking into differential steering for rovers.

OK. Thank you very much @JulianOes. :slightly_smiling_face:

Besides the motors one thing that I know for sure is that we want to add ultrasonic sensors around the boat body (for obstacle avoidance). As I can understand Rover can support 2 sonars by default, is that correct?
Is it possible to add more ultrasonic sensors and does this mean coding or just configuring stuff?

I have read the documentation of the code (PX4 Developer’s Guide). Have not read it through yet, but I do not understand how the code is organized. On a contrary to Ardupilot where the platforms are divided into folders I can understand that PX4 code is organized totally different.

So how do I find the Rover code (or code related to rover)?
How to compile code for a specific platform?

I’m not sure if PX4 can cope with more than one distance sensor (e.g. ultrasonic). And I don’t even know if it can do obstacle avoidance on just that. @mrivi might know.

For the rover code, have a look here:

As far as I know you cannot connect multiple distance sensor.
The PX4 obstacle avoidance requires a pointcloud as in input. There isn’t any interface for distance sensor data.

It this really true that only 1 distance sensor is supported by default?

Usually drones have many ultrasonic sensors.