Dear All,

I noticed that, VT_ARSP_BLEND description includes a misleading information: "Set to 0 to disable".

When it is set to zero, it actually blends between MC and FW actuators starting from 0 m/s. This caused a hard landing on my platform due to not having enough control authority on the aerodynamic control surfaces at low airspeed. Then I reverted it to a safer high value.

My flight log can be seen here.


I think the only time you disable this is after you’ve tuned your aircraft that it can fly in all flight regimes without the need for an airspeed sensor, like the Vertical Technologies DeltaQuad. They did however spent countless hours testing different throttle settings with an airspeed sensor to determine what the setting would be.

My last RVJet VTOL conversion was set at 6.7 in coordination with the transition time to achieve a smooth front and back transition.

Good luck.

Hello @rollys,

The reason I want to disable blending is that, I want to have a continuous zero pitch command during the forward transition. This is the optimum condition for my platform for minimizing the transition duration and ground distance coverage.

I noticed that, the pitch command becomes nonzero whenever the blending speed is achieved and later. My multirotor controller is able to stabilize the attitude throughout the forward transition regime. Therefore I don’t need any aerodynamic control surface aid during the forward transition.