Thrust vectoring tilt VTOL


I am working on a VTOL with tiltable rotors and without any other control surfaces. I managed to configure the mixer files (for motors and servos) so that the vehicle hovers and goes into FW mode by tilting the rotors. I also managed that pitch/roll is achieved only by tilting the rotors. However, the servos also move in MC flight in response to control inputs and I look for a way to stop this from happening. Any ideas?

There are parameters that stop that: e.g. VT_ELEV_MC_LOCK
But I have done it the opposite way for doing landings within moments of gliding therefore the rotors have to be tilt upward with 0 throttle to reduce drag.

Got it, thanks. I made changes in the source code and flashed the drive. Seems to work now.

Hello, May i look at your mixer files? i am trying to do the same but i cant seem to get the roll effect.

Thank you.