DeltaQuad VTOL ground function check

Hi, I’m checking the motor functioning of DeltaQuad VTOL by a quadcopter fixed on the ground while motors are disconnected.


  1. When transition switch turned on, for some seconds the servo PWM values respond to the attitude change of vehicle, but after the time passed all the PWM servo outputs becomes to idle values (900 and 1500 us) except the pusher servo value remains to 1266 us or so.

  2. In this case ‘Landing detected’ is displayed and right after that ‘Takeoff detected’ is displayed. And all motors stops and disarmed.

  3. Motors are armed again if the transition switch turned off. But in some cases of unknown condition motors cannot be armed anymore even though the transition switch turned off. The only method to restore is to powering off the drone.

So the ground function check cannot be done longer time.

And I doubt that this symptom happens also in real VTOL flying then it may crashes.

Is the symptom normal?

PX4 v1.7.3 in Pixhawk2.1, QGC v3.3.1, DeltaQuad airframe in a quadcopter

The land detector kicks in and considers the vehicle landed. This will not happen in the air

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Thanks! Sander. Then Land Detector program disturbs motor function check of VTOL on the ground. It is a mercy that the symptom doesn’t happen in the air.