Generic Quadplane VTOL Front Motor Transition Glitch


We built a Generic Quadplane VTOL using firmware 1.11.3 on the PX4 Cube with Here2 GPS and have discovered what seems to be a glitch. Any time the UAV’s battery is plugged in, the system armed, and transitioned, the front push/pull motor of the plane configuration will not start up. However, if we reboot the vehicle from QGC it always works no matter how many times we arm/disarm up until we pull the battery. It also works when we power cycle the battery and then reboot from QGC immediately before trying to arm or transition. Perhaps a parameter is not initializing on boot up?

It is worth noting that we are not testing in actual free flight. We are in an enclosed room with the UAV suspended from a pulley. We can hoist or slacken the line to allow the quadcopter configuration to support its own weight, but keep from falling to the ground when we test transition without a front propeller. We are not using an airspeed sensor since we are not in real flight.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. If you have any questions about our setup feel free to ask.

Thank you,