Custom drone model for SITL

Hi, I am new to drone simulations and development. And I’m working on obstacle avoidance research based on simulations. I have to use a 3D Lidar with the drone and it exceeds the payload capacity of the 3DR iris drone. So I have to use a different drone model for SITL simulations (I’m expecting to use Tarot650).
If someone can give me an insight into how I can use a custom drone model for SITL simulations with ROS, Gazebo I really appreciate it.



  1. you should add 3D model in to Firmware/Tools/sitl_gazebo/models
  2. open gazebo: open models from directory>> Firmware/Tools/sitl_gazebo/models
  3. right click on your model and click on edit model
  4. make 3D models and joins and plugins and sensors and …
  5. final build your sdf file in to directory

Good luck

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Thank you for the reply. It was useful and I was able to solve the issue.