Help a newbie to assemble a drone for specific needs

I want to buy/assemble a programmable drone (c++, Python preferable). Fly zone is in the woods, so max flight time is important as well sensors for obstacle avoidance. I must be able to code & process the camera input and do pretrained object recognition (like with openCV lib.). Budget is 500EUR max

How about using the navio2? It is integrated with the raspberry pi and you can use the raspberry pi camera. I think this system should be comparable light weight. The only problem is that the default firmware of navio2 is Ardupilot, not px4. navio2 And yesterday I found a even smaller raspberry 3 raspberry pi 3. But it is less powerful.

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OK. So this would be the Brain of the drone. How about other parts? Note that the topic starts with “Help a newbie…” :slight_smile:

Haha, I am not experienced as well. But I can give you some information I used. You can search some quadcopter frames you would like to use. I think 250mm should be good for your purpose. Then you can search several FPV or quadcopter websites, FPV, Hobby King, Helipal, and so on. Then for each quadcopter frame, they should have the recommended parts, e.g. propellers, motors, ESCs, radio… Then you can purchase what you need. Then the last should be assembling it according to a px4 example , An navio2 example and maybe other tutorial you would like to use.

Here you can find some range finders:

This is an ardupilot page but those sensor should work as well with PX4

I know TeraRanger One/EVO Rangefinders works in Px4

Vua so much cool stuff. But I just can’t figure out all parts I need and if they are compatible with other parts. Feel like giving up this adventure. I have no money to make mistakes, so if I order some package, it must work.